Monday, 18 April 2011

Rainy weather music: Summer in the city - The Boys and Girls Club

So it rained this morning and continued (for a while). I struggled to find a song to listen to today, but remembered 'Summer in the City' by the Boys and Girls Club.

I first came across this track, Summer in the City by the Boys and Girls Club in 2007 after reading a post by Analog Giant.

The link to download the mp3 did not work so I managed to download the mp3 from iTunes and eventually created a Youtube video for the song because there wasn't one.

Taylor K. Long from provides a review of the song that really sums it up:

“Summer in the City” is the right kind of electro pop for a lazy late summer. It’s got a solid beat that’s not quite fast enough for dancing, but great for waking up in the morning or walking down the street. The vocals are a soft and tongue-heavy purr, building a picture of the typical summer romance – afternoons spent at home in bed, the kind of commitment that needs no declaration of its loyalty beyond frequent time spent together.

It’s a gracious anthem for those of us wanting to make the most of these last hopeful summer nights.


If you love it so much, you can download the track for $1.69 on iTunes here!

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