Wednesday, 20 April 2011

FM100 Papua New Guinea Reaching You 100%

This morning Hon. Member for Wau/Bulolo, Sam Basil MP updated his facebook status with:

So you can guess what I did next. Tried seeing if FM100 online. And Alas!

They were!

You can listen to the station live, however today there was a network error. I really hope they can fix this slight issue but other than that, well done to the team at FM 100!

Here's a pic which Mr. Basil uploaded of the interview with Mr. Hau'Ofa OBE

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  1. Does FM100 Stream On Line and if so, is there a hyperlink to be able to listen to it. A lot of Papua New Guineans and long term residents of PNG trying to keep abreast of details of the latest political goings on up there.


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