Saturday, 6 August 2011

U2 Rocks the biggest concert ever in history

After travelling five continents in two years, promoter Live Nations claims that the U2 360 Degree Tour was "the most successful concert tour of all time".

Grossing in $700 million, the Irish rock band had surpassed the US$558 million that Rolling Stones netted and also broke that original record in terms of attendance.

Totalling 110 shows, the U2 360 Tour started on June 30 in Barcelona in 2009 and ended on July 30 in Moncton, Canada this year (2011).

Live Nation's chairman of global music, Arthur Fogel said: "This tour was a brilliant success on every level and all involved should be extremely proud. U2 once again have set the standard for achievement - perhaps for all time".

After attending their 360 Tour in Brisbane, I think I may have been a part of history :)

Below are some pics I took at the concert. Enjoy:)

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