Monday, 13 June 2011

Zoe Wittner Galore


I have just won a pretty hectic bid-fight on eBay. Actually, the most hectic bidding I've experienced. I had been waiting for three hours for the bidding time to get down to about three minutes - I guessed the person who who had the highest bid would've felt overconfident, as no one had outbid them in the last four hours.

But, I was watching.

As I was just about to take a screenshot of the remaining time and item to have as a new post on Ab Absurdo I realised that right before my eyes, the
bidding price had increased. With less than twenty seconds remaining, I luckily 'one-clicked' and increased by bid (not realising that the bid only increased the highest bid by 50 cents! Ohmy!

Luckily, it was sufficient - well considering there was six seconds remaining on the bid!

But alas, here is what I've won. And it cost me $16 (exc. postage and handling).

If you've bought Wittner shoes before, you'd know their heels retail starting from $149.00.

I've got the exact pair in black but just couldn't help myself. These shoes (black or tanned) are divine!

Gotta love ebay. If you have any similar stories, please share tips.


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